Friday, August 4, 2006


Mosie lost her Mandy on 1/26/06. She was hit while crossing a road. But, I know that Mandy gave much happiness to her family while she was here, she was a good companion & greatly missed. She'll be waiting @ The Rainbow Bridge with the rest of our beloved pals who have went on ahead!

Brenda's 7 yo Lucky passed during the summer of 2003. She says he was her companion, friend, & protector. And that she misses him everyday. Have peace in knowing he'll be waiting for you...when you get there!

Condolences to Joyce, who misses her dear furr baby Charlie. He went on the long journey 1/20/06, & is has NO bounds, he will live in your heart & memories forever. He is a part of you. And someday you will be together again! UPDATE; Joyce lost Sasha 2/27/07 after a lengthy fight with heart disease, she was Charlie's Mom. They are with one another having fun & waiting!

Sympathy to Sadie's family, as she took the journey to The Rainbow Bridge, on 1/20/06. Also, Ashley left on 10/28/03, Dallas on 6/7/05, & last...but far from least, Lucky hopped to The Bridge on 10/31/05. May you take some peace in knowing that you shared much joy with them while they were here, & that they are together. Someday Kathy, someday!

Raeanne's beautiful Smokey left for The Bridge on 3/23/06 from diabetes. She weighed only 4 lbs & loved to sit on your lap to eat! When the alarm clock went off she would get in Raeanne's face & say "WAKE UP"! Also, precious Mootsey who was a diabetic, took the trip on 8/28/07. You'll see them again dear, they're together & playing with friends, waiting on you.

Condolences to Sassy who lost 2 furr babies within 3 mos. First Teddy Bear 3/22/06 & then Dustin 3 mos later! Best friends, together again, running through fields of flowers @ The Rainbow Bridge. Find peace in knowing that there will come a time when you will see them again!

Guido lost Strider in the summer of 04. He had a med cond that left him always wanting water. Hence the nickname "Thirst On Four Paws". Strider's drinking all the water he wants from a cool running spring at The Bridge now, purring happily.

Liz's beloved friend Titan took the journey on 7/18/06. They had some fun times together, & there'll be more fun times to come, on that great day when they are to meet again! Blessings to your family.

Linda lost her dear GrandCat Tuffy on 5/31/05. He was a real beauty & spent a lot of time with his Granny. Altho, he knew who Dad was, & would go running to him when he came home. Tuffy's in a happy place with no more insulin shots!

Beautiful HANNAH went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10/13/04, following a long bout with cancer. She was a special friend to Sandra, who misses her so much. There was never another like her, & altho another will come into their lives, someday, one will never take Hannah's place. But, for now, she's with all of our babies, waiting for us on that special day!

Seminole passed on 11/05, a true panther at heart! Was a twin to Gator & knew the secret to keeping the Rotties in line! The family misses him, & he is in their thoughts & hearts, sincerest sympathy to Ellie.

Condolences to Kat, who lost her precious Higgins on 12/2/05, he was 17 yo. She says that Higgins was in love with a stray called Chloe, & that they made the cutest couple. Just know that he is at The Bridge, happy & at peace.

Shy was 12 yo when she took the trip on 1/12 /06. Maria says she was lovable & good hearted, very smart, & a good protector of the family, her friend. Shy will always be loved & missed. But she's not gone sweetie, she's in your heart & memories, & someday...

Condolences to Lisa, she lost her one & only Sheba Puff on 1/28/06, she had her for 6 short yrs. Her very best friend, always caring & loving. She too is waiting dear, for the day when she can run & greet you!

Cyrano, 11 yo old Service Dog & best friend to Don, passed away on 3/3/06. He was dog napped & kept for 7 wks, before they discarded him! Cy had Cushings Disease & was in need of his meds. He was searched for by the entire area, but was not found until it was too late. He is greatly missed & loved! Cy is at peace now, no pain, only happiness at the Rainbow Bridge. You will see him again, a wonderful reunion! Until then, remember all the good times. May I add, we are all so proud of the wonderful service animals, that help people in one way or another. They are, indeed "special".

Sympathy to Connie, as Sheeba left this earthly home on 12/24/06, after having lived a long life. But she left nice memories behind for her family. Think of her now with a smile & not tears, running free & having fun at The Bridge with Xena who passed earlier this year & Max who had led the way!

It was during the night that sweet Tinker went to the Rainbow Bridge, a wonderful cat that was very much loved & will be greatly missed by Jeannette. He was 16 yo, & had been a part of the family all those years. Accept my sympathy for your loss, but know he'll be there waiting, with Flicky, & Pip, & all the rest! RIP Tink 1991-2007.

Tommy passed away on 3/13/06. He was such a caring & loving friend, always there trying to help when you were sick or sad. He spent 14 yrs with Liz & family, his best friend was a cat named BaaBaa. Condolences Liz, but trust that God has a place for all our dear furr babies...a place like The Rainbow Bridge.

Once you have known & loved an animal, you have known joy & fulfillment like no other. They are in your heart & in your soul, forever. So, even when they take that trip to The Rainbow Bridge, they remain with your heart, soul, & memories.

Blessings to each of you that have lost a beloved pet, find peace in knowing that this is not the end, but the beginning. Where as there will come a day when you will rejoin your precious friend & be together always!

Hope you have enjoyed this walk down Memory Lane, with smiles & tears, & that I have done justice to your beloved one's memory.

And please take a minute to look at the beautiful beloved ones we have waiting at 'The Bridge'.

A few were sent to me with their names on them, & some asked me to add the names, frames, etc to their pics, which I was honored to do. My pets also have names on their photos. Please leave a comment & don't forget to snag a Memorial Badge for your side bar.


my78novata said...

this site is wonderful adn great song choice also

springangel235 said...

I love the beautiful memorial you put together...when I saw the dedication you put into it...I cried...I cried tears of missing my little Charlie and cried tears of joy that someone as awesome as you are put together a beautiful tribute to not only my Charlie, but to so many other loved furr babies in j-land.  Sugar, a standing ovation goes out to you and all your hard work and to all that helped you along the way....hugs and love from your friend always...

jeanno43 said...

Oh Sugar, I am just lost for words and tears are pricking my eyes at this truly wonderful tribute to all our J-Land pets.  I cannot thank you enough for the time and trouble you have put into this and I know how much people will appreciate it.  I just cannot speak more......

emabecmar said...


siennastarr said...

Sugar.. this was so beautifully done!  You can tell how much love you put into it.  I cried reading the poems, and then the pet dedications.  Our animals are so dear to us, and losing one is like losing a family member.  I admit that I cried the hardest when I saw the dedication to Mosie's Mandy and Joyce's Charlie.  I felt like I knew those dogs.. especially Mandy.

Thank you for doing this, Sugar.  You have so much love inside of you.. I see it spread all over Jland in many ways..

Wish I could have heard the song, but when I clicked on the link, it told me I didn't have permission to access the it.. ?  


msdyer said...

So beautifully and sensitively done - so much warmth and care put into this - I have added a link to this journal-I hope that is ok?

With warmest regards, Millie.

jckfrstross said...

Sugar this is wonderful thank you for thinking of the beloved pets:)


labdancer51 said...

My dear Sugar,  this tribute is truly wonderful. This is one of the most outstanding entries that I have ever read and certainly one of the most touching. You deserve an award for all your hard work, it must have taken you ages to complete.  Thank you so much for mentioning Hannah,  you put it so well. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxxx

lanurseprn said...

Sugar...this has left me in tears!  I'm speechless!  I literally have tears in my eyes reading your tributes to all of the wonderful pets that are at the rainbow bridge.  I've lost pets long ago so I didn't add them to your tribute....but I certainly pray they are waiting for me when I get there.
Well done!

bethjunebug said...

Sugar, thank you so much for the tributes. I cried all the way through them.
Animal babies are the best, children.
Thanks again,
God Bless,
your journaling friend,

stevietwain said...

This memorial has had me in tears for minutes now, and I don't even have a lost pet on here.

Bless you for doing this...oh god, I can't stop crying now..Look what you did! lol!
For all those who think i'm joking, I'm actually!

Awesome job!!

Lv Stevie

jlocorriere05 said...

Thank you Sugar for including Pussy, he was a very special cat and a great companion for over 15yrs. Jeannette xx  

boogiewoogie51 said...

Tears are falling, you did a grand job here. We are so lucky to have you.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh Sugar!!! Through my tears...I thank you so very much!!! It is so very beautiful! God bless you!

queenb8261 said...

Can't stop the tears, Sugar. Just beautiful. Thank you again for doing this.
Hugs, Barb  

penguine4050 said...

Thank you so much for including my Smokey,  you are a wonderful person to take the time out of your day to do such a thoughtful thing for all of us and our pets.

xomywayox said...

Wow this is really hard for me. I held my tears until I saw his name...jeez even after all this time. i still miss Lucky. Man this hurts...Thanks you soooo much.


katie39041 said...

What a lovely touching tribute to j lands much loved pets. I lost Millie less than 12 months since i would have loved to add her but i have no pic, and i still find it very painful.To all of you that was involved you have done a wonderful tasteful memorial thank you,
love and hugs

kuhlhiggins said...

Thank you so much for including Higgins. It brought tears to my eyes reading all the tributes. You did a wonderful job Sugar.

purplegoldfinch said...

Cyrano left for the Rainbow Bridge march 3, 2006.  He was an 11 yo Collie service dog to my husband Don who is a quadriplegic.  Cy was dog napped, and never returned.  We did everything to find him,  huge reward, newspaper articles,  tv news, cable channel announcements, flyers up all around the community, in stores, checking the shelters everyday for 7 weeks (that is how long he was gone until we found him), the entire St. Louis police force, (both county and city) were looking for him.   Those who had him, threw him out when he outlived his usefulness.  Cy had Cushings disease, and needed medication which he didn't get from them, and died by himself, and in the dark .

I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge, made new friends, running free and no pills to take.   But, we still  miss him so much.  

sunnyside46 said...

this page was really a comfor tto me as I mourn my tough little cocker Penny.
thank you

Jeannette said...

You have done a great job Sugar. It brought a lump to my throat seeing all the pets, especially our Pip and hearing the beautiful music. I clicked to be added as a follower and it has confirmed that I am but no picture appeared :( Thank you for doing this. Hugs

Joyce said...

It is beautiful did a wonderful job...and I love it and you!!!

Sandra said...

It was lovely to read through this again Sugar, though I`ve got more than a few tears in my eyes. Thank you again for doing this for us all.

Love Sandra xxxx

Jeannette said...

God bless you sweet Angel, long time companion and beloved friend to Sugar. I came to know you through her journal and I feel privileged.