Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Losing a pet can be traumatic, as they are family members, & sometimes we need help to get through it. {{}}
If you want to talk re your loss, or need prayer, please email me. I'm a pet lover, I've been through it myself. Being someone who believes there's a Rainbow Bridge, I'll lend an ear, a shoulder, offer strength & comfort, & will help you in anyway I can. God bless.

In Honor & Remembrance of Our Beloved Pets That Have Gone AheadTo The Rainbow Bridge.
W E L C O M E 
To The Colors Of The

GOD SPEED...to ALL of our precious pets on their journeys!
I stood by your bed last night,
I came to have a peep
I could see that you were crying,
you found it hard to sleep
I whined to you softly as
you brushed away a tear,
"it's me, I haven't left,
I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here"
I was close to you at breakfast,
I watched you pour the tea
You were thinking of the many times,
your hands reached down to me
I was with you at the shops today,
your arms were getting sore
I longed to take your parcels,
I wish you could do more
I was with you at my grave today,
you tend it with such care
I want to reassure you,
that I'm not lying there
I walked with you towards the house,
as you fumbled for your key
I gently put my paw on you,
I smiled and said "it's me"
You look so very tired,
and sank into a chair
I tried so hard to let you know,
that I was standing there
It's possible for me,
to be so near you every day
To say to you with certainty,
"I never went away"
You sat there very quietly,
then smiled, I think you knew
In the stillness of that evening,
I was very close to you
The day is over,
I smile and watch you yawning
And say "goodnight, God bless,
I'll see you in the morning"
And when the time is right for you
to cross the brief divide,
I'll rush across to greet you
and we'll stand, side by side
I have so many things to show you,
there is so much for you to see
Be patient, live your journey out,
then come home to be with me.

My best friend closed his eyes last night,
As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in no pain,
But it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head,
As I cradled him in my arms. Were of his
younger, puppy years, and oh...his many charms.
Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you" gaze,
Only a heart filled with tears...
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
God also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door'!

Jan Cooper

Please don't mourn for me
As I am at peace & fly free
I know you loved me
For I loved you too
Beautiful memories were made
Please don't let those fade
Someday you'll join me
Until then do not fear

For I Fly Free & high
Yet I stay always near

Here at the Bridge



If it should be that I grow weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle cannot be won.
You will be sad, I understand.
Don't let your grief then stay your hand.
For this day, more than all the rest,
Your love for me must stand the test.
We've had so many happy years.
What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to suffer so;
The time has come...please let me go.
Take me where my need they'll tend,
And please stay with me, if you can, until the end.
Hold me firm and speak to me,
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time that you will see
The kindness that you did for me.
Although my tail its last has waived,
From pain and suffering I've been saved.
Please do not grieve... it must be you
Who had this painful thing to do.
We've been so close, we two, these years;
Don't let your heart hold back its tears.

They say memories are golden,
well maybe that is true...
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill!

If tears could build a stairway,
and heartache make a lane...
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so,replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.
Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the soft purring angel
But I must come slowly
For my human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.
But don't they understand? asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.
Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Precious little Kizzy, a 16 yo furr of Becky's, Grandcat to Jeannette, went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/17/08. Having spent her life with Becky, & giving much love & wonderful memories. She's at the Bridge, running & playing with Pip, Tinker, & all those having gone before. She'll be there, & run to wrap around your leg when you come, Becky.

Jess was the "cat no one wanted". But she found a loving home, when Suzy rescued her at 5 yo. Where she lived until it was time for her to take her trip at 19 yo in April '08. She was Suzy & hubby's first furr baby, & still loved. Also missed by Harry & Miss Hoops, her furr friends. Suzy, Jess is purring like a kitten & at peace.

On a rainy morning, dear Benny went to the Rainbow Bridge, to be with his sister Albinnie, who went the yr before. Both are galloping around in the green grass & having fun. There'll come a day when Sara gets to be with them again, so till then, just think of all the good times.

Sybil, tells us when she & friend Mary, went to pickup a wee 3 mo old pup in 2001, they thought of several names to call him. But, as he perked up when they said "Dee", they knew that was to be his name! D for dog, daft, darling, & dashund. Sybil, lost her longtime friend & companion on Dec 2, 11. He was as loyal & loving as he was ever present, by her side. She says her arms & her heart ache without him. But, dear Syb, he's still there in your heart, where he'll remain until the day he'll jump into your arms. Dee, is safe & free from pain now, he's with our other beloved furr family members @ the Rainbow Bridge.

Booger Boy, a great companion & protector, lost his fight with heart disease & has joined our beloved ones at the Bridge. Mary misses him terribly, & will hold him in her heart always. R.I.P. sweet furr.

Sugar lost 7 loving furrs, Rascal 2000 (unkown, suspected spinal cancer), Lamb Chop 2001 (old age), Lolli Pop 2002 (bladder cancer), Puddin 2002 (old age), Shy Anne 2003 (lymphoma cancer), Angel 2009 (liver cancer), Sweet Pee 2009 (old age).
Each had a unique personality, & will always be loved. But they are there, with all the others, at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for that wonderful, happy reunion one day! I could talk forever about them, & there still wouldn't be enough words to express how much love they gave, & how thankful I am to have shared my life with them.
Much love to you my darlings, SPECIAL LOVE TO PUDDIN (my soul mate). I will join you all soon, know that Mama thinks of you often, & holds you in my heart, till I can hold you in my arms.Sugar (author)

Adorable wee Laci, 13 yo Chi, with heart disease. 10/28/1995-11/19/2008. She was called Laci, because when she was born, she looked the color of beautiful old-timey cream colored lace. Laci was a true member of the family, giving all of her heart & unconditional love to them, till the very end. She will never be forgotten, living in the hearts & memories, of her family forever. Condolences, Donna, cherish your thoughts of her, & look forward to that great reunion day! Right now, she's waiting for you, while she plays with all the other furrs. No pain, no old age, not at The Bridge...only comfort & peace.

Pam (Ma), lost her beloved Beagle, Buddy, they said their final good byes in this world on 12/20/08. He brought much happiness to her, & the family...& for that they are forever thankful, & will always remember. She says she feels blessed to have had him in their lives. Condolences, Pam, to you & family. Buddy waits now at the Bridge, with new friends he's made.

Missy says she is missing her little Polly so much, & his early morning sounds & words as he would wake the family. He left this world on 2/22/09. Polly was full of personality, & only a little over a year old. Missy, he's at the Bridge now, where so many of our loved ones wait, Polly's enjoying flying free while squawking his sounds. R.I.P. little Polly.

Buffy, was a fiesty Hamster, who chatted away and re arranged her cage all the time. A true friend to Eddie (& Eddie's mom Suzy), she only responded to him. She was very much loved. But old age and illness took her away on 2/24 /09. She's now at The Rainbow Bridge, joining all the others in playing, while they wait.

Gabi Lin, was loved & cared for by Linda for 3 1/2 wonderful yrs. She was rescued from the streets & became Linda's faithful friend. Linda says she never had another kitty like this one. Gabi was special! The angels at the Bridge, escorted Gabi there on 3/11/09, because she'd became very ill & there was no cure. She's now at peace, purring & meowing at her new friends...while she waits for the day when Linda joins her. Linda, hold onto your treasured memories, & she'll remain in your heart forever.

Sandra, had to let her dear friend Jake take that trip to the Bridge, on 11-24-09. He was such a loving member of their family, & will be greatly missed. He was only 6 yrs old when he left, to join Hannah, & our other furrs, where we can't follow...yet. But, someday, we will have a joyous reunion. Till then, Sandra, sweet Jake plays with all the beloved furrs running in the tall grassy meadow, at the cool stream by the Rainbow Bridge.

Tigey Reynosa... was born 7-1-96 and lived to be 14 years old. He left his earthly home on 6-28-10. He was the dear pet of Dawn. She says his breed was called a Nebelung, & that when he was 1 1/2 years old he was diagnosed with an inoperable bone tumor in his left rear leg, it had to be removed. But, he lived a full & rewarding life on 3 legs. He was wonderful, funny, sweet, & loving. She says "he was the best pal & will always be missed".
Dawn, he's now at the Bridge, with lots of new furr friends. Basking in their attention, & love. As angels check in often to make sure all is going well, till the day you join him! (Melanie wants him to know he'll be missed by his "auntie mel" too)

Jeannette had to say goodbye to Jester (Jesse), her loyal friend on Sept. 17th, 2012. She says he was the most gentle & loving creature ever. He was always by her side & followed her & Mike everywhere. Ever vigilant was Jesse, through Jeannette's illnesses, all the ups & downs, Jesse was there. He now joins Pip & other beloved furr members of Jeannette's family, who wait at the Rainbow Bridge. May he have found the others & be playing, running & rolling in the beautiful meadow there. Then on the day you arrive Jeannette, he'll be there to greet you with woofs of joy! 



Peggy, beloved Service Dog, went to The Rainbow Bridge on 7/13/06, she was 11 yo. A loving, loyal, family member that is missed by all! This world, & esp those with disabilities, are so fortunate to have animals like Peggy. She was indeed a gift from God. Bob, she waits, for that day when you'll join her. She's at peace. God bless.

Penny lost her beloved Dufus (a 4 yo Sun Conure) & mate Rufus (a 15 mo old Enday Conure). They were killed by a stray dog on 6/5/06. She says Dufus was her soul mate. They are flying free at The Rainbow Bridge, I have no doubt you will see them again dear.

Deepest sympathy to Jeannette, her beloved Pip went to The Bridge on 1/05/06. He was indeed a special friend, & holds a special place in his families hearts. There will never be another quite like him. Those in 'J-Land' become to know & love dear Pip through the blogs that J wrote. Jeannette also lost Flicky, who was 24 yo when she went to The Bridge on 3/26/05. She was found in a plastic bag & the only one of her litter mates to survive. Remained always small, but a good companion, & a friend to Pip. They're watching now for Jeannette, while romping through the grassy meadows.

Rocky was on a walk with his dad, when he pulled out of his harness & ran off, he was hit by a car & passed away 1/14/06. Gina says he loved to curl up in your lap & was great with kids. He was 6 1/2 mos old when he went on his trip to The Bridge. Condolences to the family.

Vamp lost her beloved Cleo on 6/28/06, & blames herself for not getting her to the Vet in time. Don't fret dear, God has a plan & we're all in it! You did what you could & you loved Cleo while she was here, she's happy now & at peace. Also, Raki, is missing, having wandered off in March after a move to a new home. May God Bless. And if he's at The Bridge, he's with Cleo!

Gizmo left for The Rainbow bridge in 2003, at 10 yo. Spooky made the trip in 2006, & was 19 yo. Both were dearly loved & still are! Have faith Regina, they'll be purring for you again one day.

In Dec '05, Pepsi went to The Rainbow Bridge. She was 13 yo, a great watch dog & very loyal. Her name came from the old Pepsi commercial "Gotta have it", because when Maria saw her, she said "gotta have her". She is pain free now, running & playing like a puppy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dear Poco passed away 2/17/06. She was a true companion, "liked to eat your pretzels & drink your beer"! She always had a smile & brought joy to all she met. Her mom Dwana knows that Poco is in a wonderful place, free of all pain! Wonderful memories will be with you until you can be together once more! Condolences.

Jeannette, lost her sweet "Pussy" on 3/29/06, a beloved cat of 15 yo. He went peacefully at home. We animal lovers know that Pussy is playing like a young kitten @ The Rainbow Bridge!

Tootsie, 16 yo, ran away from home 4/06, & was hit by a car. She was the sweetest girl ever! Loved by the entire family & dearly missed. Condolences to Sharon. But have faith, you will see her again, & never be parted.

Lois lost her dear longtime friend Babe on 8/13/06. They took a ride together almost every morning. She says Babe loved apples, & could never get enough. She's at the Rainbow bridge now, eating her fill from a huge apple tree. Sincerest condolences.

Billy who was Jan's Granddog, took that journey on 7/4/06. He is loved & missed. She says her daughter was devastated. Find peace in knowing he is no longer in pain, & is happy with new friends, waiting on you.

Lionel, was loved by Nancy, but it was time for him to make his trip to The Bridge this year 2006. He will always be remembered & loved. May you be comforted in knowing that God has a place for our beloved pets & that someday we'll see them again.

Connie misses her dear Xena, more than words can say. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on 8/22/06. She was so very loved by the family, & will remain in their thoughts & hearts forever. She went to join Max, who made the trip a few yrs ago. I picture them now, running & playing together, happy, & free from all pain!

Sugarbaby took the journey to The Bridge on 4/22/06. Adrienne says she misses him so. He would ring a bell to go outside & could actually voice several words! Her love for him is as strong today as it always was, & continues to keep him forever in her thoughts. Just recall ALL the happy memories & know that he'll be waiting with a waggin tail when he sees you someday!

Skittles, neighbor cat to Angie...was hit by a car & passed away on 11/8/06/. He was fur baby to Teresa & her family, but Angie says he was a frequent visitor to her house, & her family had also "adopted" him. Our condolences to the family & friends. He'll be peacefully meowing at The Bridge now.

Condolences to Billie, her beloved Crystal went to the Rainbow Bridge on 8/8/06. But Billie says she knows her sweet girl is in the arms of Jesus, & is running & playing like a pup again. Has met her older sister Panda who was there & waiting. Can't you see them now Billie? Happy, rolling in the tall grass by a clear stream. No pain, only good times...waiting for that day when they'll be reunited with Mama!

Felix took the journey to The Bridge on 12/25/06. A handsome fur baby loved by Jules. He is missed more than words can say! She says she lost her best friend, little love, baby, & soul mate...all in one. Jules, have faith, know that someday you'll be with him & again, hearing his soft purr get louder as he sees you approach.

Snickers was a beautiful young pure bred lab rescued by Amy in Alaska. She only lived for a little over a year but what memories she created. Such an adorable little girl,
she was known as "baby girls". Snickers will be missed and loved by everyone forever. May we wish her the best journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Your Mommy loves you! 6/26/07 R.I.P.

Gina & family are saddened by the loss of Puppy Rambo on 7/23/07. He was only 2 days old & weighed 5 oz. God needed a baby fur for a lonely mother furr at the Rainbow Bridge, & picked this wee one. So, he's there now, being well looked after & making a mama furr very happy.


Friday, August 4, 2006


Mosie lost her Mandy on 1/26/06. She was hit while crossing a road. But, I know that Mandy gave much happiness to her family while she was here, she was a good companion & greatly missed. She'll be waiting @ The Rainbow Bridge with the rest of our beloved pals who have went on ahead!

Brenda's 7 yo Lucky passed during the summer of 2003. She says he was her companion, friend, & protector. And that she misses him everyday. Have peace in knowing he'll be waiting for you...when you get there!

Condolences to Joyce, who misses her dear furr baby Charlie. He went on the long journey 1/20/06, & is waiting...love has NO bounds, he will live in your heart & memories forever. He is a part of you. And someday you will be together again! UPDATE; Joyce lost Sasha 2/27/07 after a lengthy fight with heart disease, she was Charlie's Mom. They are with one another having fun & waiting!

Sympathy to Sadie's family, as she took the journey to The Rainbow Bridge, on 1/20/06. Also, Ashley left on 10/28/03, Dallas on 6/7/05, & last...but far from least, Lucky hopped to The Bridge on 10/31/05. May you take some peace in knowing that you shared much joy with them while they were here, & that they are together. Someday Kathy, someday!

Raeanne's beautiful Smokey left for The Bridge on 3/23/06 from diabetes. She weighed only 4 lbs & loved to sit on your lap to eat! When the alarm clock went off she would get in Raeanne's face & say "WAKE UP"! Also, precious Mootsey who was a diabetic, took the trip on 8/28/07. You'll see them again dear, they're together & playing with friends, waiting on you.

Condolences to Sassy who lost 2 furr babies within 3 mos. First Teddy Bear 3/22/06 & then Dustin 3 mos later! Best friends, together again, running through fields of flowers @ The Rainbow Bridge. Find peace in knowing that there will come a time when you will see them again!

Guido lost Strider in the summer of 04. He had a med cond that left him always wanting water. Hence the nickname "Thirst On Four Paws". Strider's drinking all the water he wants from a cool running spring at The Bridge now, purring happily.

Liz's beloved friend Titan took the journey on 7/18/06. They had some fun times together, & there'll be more fun times to come, on that great day when they are to meet again! Blessings to your family.

Linda lost her dear GrandCat Tuffy on 5/31/05. He was a real beauty & spent a lot of time with his Granny. Altho, he knew who Dad was, & would go running to him when he came home. Tuffy's in a happy place with no more insulin shots!

Beautiful HANNAH went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10/13/04, following a long bout with cancer. She was a special friend to Sandra, who misses her so much. There was never another like her, & altho another will come into their lives, someday, one will never take Hannah's place. But, for now, she's with all of our babies, waiting for us on that special day!

Seminole passed on 11/05, a true panther at heart! Was a twin to Gator & knew the secret to keeping the Rotties in line! The family misses him, & he is in their thoughts & hearts, sincerest sympathy to Ellie.

Condolences to Kat, who lost her precious Higgins on 12/2/05, he was 17 yo. She says that Higgins was in love with a stray called Chloe, & that they made the cutest couple. Just know that he is at The Bridge, happy & at peace.

Shy was 12 yo when she took the trip on 1/12 /06. Maria says she was lovable & good hearted, very smart, & a good protector of the family, her friend. Shy will always be loved & missed. But she's not gone sweetie, she's in your heart & memories, & someday...

Condolences to Lisa, she lost her one & only Sheba Puff on 1/28/06, she had her for 6 short yrs. Her very best friend, always caring & loving. She too is waiting dear, for the day when she can run & greet you!

Cyrano, 11 yo old Service Dog & best friend to Don, passed away on 3/3/06. He was dog napped & kept for 7 wks, before they discarded him! Cy had Cushings Disease & was in need of his meds. He was searched for by the entire area, but was not found until it was too late. He is greatly missed & loved! Cy is at peace now, no pain, only happiness at the Rainbow Bridge. You will see him again, a wonderful reunion! Until then, remember all the good times. May I add, we are all so proud of the wonderful service animals, that help people in one way or another. They are, indeed "special".

Sympathy to Connie, as Sheeba left this earthly home on 12/24/06, after having lived a long life. But she left nice memories behind for her family. Think of her now with a smile & not tears, running free & having fun at The Bridge with Xena who passed earlier this year & Max who had led the way!

It was during the night that sweet Tinker went to the Rainbow Bridge, a wonderful cat that was very much loved & will be greatly missed by Jeannette. He was 16 yo, & had been a part of the family all those years. Accept my sympathy for your loss, but know he'll be there waiting, with Flicky, & Pip, & all the rest! RIP Tink 1991-2007.

Tommy passed away on 3/13/06. He was such a caring & loving friend, always there trying to help when you were sick or sad. He spent 14 yrs with Liz & family, his best friend was a cat named BaaBaa. Condolences Liz, but trust that God has a place for all our dear furr babies...a place like The Rainbow Bridge.

Once you have known & loved an animal, you have known joy & fulfillment like no other. They are in your heart & in your soul, forever. So, even when they take that trip to The Rainbow Bridge, they remain with you...in your heart, soul, & memories.

Blessings to each of you that have lost a beloved pet, find peace in knowing that this is not the end, but the beginning. Where as there will come a day when you will rejoin your precious friend & be together always!

Hope you have enjoyed this walk down Memory Lane, with smiles & tears, & that I have done justice to your beloved one's memory.

And please take a minute to look at the beautiful beloved ones we have waiting at 'The Bridge'.

A few were sent to me with their names on them, & some asked me to add the names, frames, etc to their pics, which I was honored to do. My pets also have names on their photos. Please leave a comment & don't forget to snag a Memorial Badge for your side bar.