Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Peggy, beloved Service Dog, went to The Rainbow Bridge on 7/13/06, she was 11 yo. A loving, loyal, family member that is missed by all! This world, & esp those with disabilities, are so fortunate to have animals like Peggy. She was indeed a gift from God. Bob, she waits, for that day when you'll join her. She's at peace. God bless.

Penny lost her beloved Dufus (a 4 yo Sun Conure) & mate Rufus (a 15 mo old Enday Conure). They were killed by a stray dog on 6/5/06. She says Dufus was her soul mate. They are flying free at The Rainbow Bridge, I have no doubt you will see them again dear.

Deepest sympathy to Jeannette, her beloved Pip went to The Bridge on 1/05/06. He was indeed a special friend, & holds a special place in his families hearts. There will never be another quite like him. Those in 'J-Land' become to know & love dear Pip through the blogs that J wrote. Jeannette also lost Flicky, who was 24 yo when she went to The Bridge on 3/26/05. She was found in a plastic bag & the only one of her litter mates to survive. Remained always small, but a good companion, & a friend to Pip. They're watching now for Jeannette, while romping through the grassy meadows.

Rocky was on a walk with his dad, when he pulled out of his harness & ran off, he was hit by a car & passed away 1/14/06. Gina says he loved to curl up in your lap & was great with kids. He was 6 1/2 mos old when he went on his trip to The Bridge. Condolences to the family.

Vamp lost her beloved Cleo on 6/28/06, & blames herself for not getting her to the Vet in time. Don't fret dear, God has a plan & we're all in it! You did what you could & you loved Cleo while she was here, she's happy now & at peace. Also, Raki, is missing, having wandered off in March after a move to a new home. May God Bless. And if he's at The Bridge, he's with Cleo!

Gizmo left for The Rainbow bridge in 2003, at 10 yo. Spooky made the trip in 2006, & was 19 yo. Both were dearly loved & still are! Have faith Regina, they'll be purring for you again one day.

In Dec '05, Pepsi went to The Rainbow Bridge. She was 13 yo, a great watch dog & very loyal. Her name came from the old Pepsi commercial "Gotta have it", because when Maria saw her, she said "gotta have her". She is pain free now, running & playing like a puppy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dear Poco passed away 2/17/06. She was a true companion, "liked to eat your pretzels & drink your beer"! She always had a smile & brought joy to all she met. Her mom Dwana knows that Poco is in a wonderful place, free of all pain! Wonderful memories will be with you until you can be together once more! Condolences.

Jeannette, lost her sweet "Pussy" on 3/29/06, a beloved cat of 15 yo. He went peacefully at home. We animal lovers know that Pussy is playing like a young kitten @ The Rainbow Bridge!

Tootsie, 16 yo, ran away from home 4/06, & was hit by a car. She was the sweetest girl ever! Loved by the entire family & dearly missed. Condolences to Sharon. But have faith, you will see her again, & never be parted.

Lois lost her dear longtime friend Babe on 8/13/06. They took a ride together almost every morning. She says Babe loved apples, & could never get enough. She's at the Rainbow bridge now, eating her fill from a huge apple tree. Sincerest condolences.

Billy who was Jan's Granddog, took that journey on 7/4/06. He is loved & missed. She says her daughter was devastated. Find peace in knowing he is no longer in pain, & is happy with new friends, waiting on you.

Lionel, was loved by Nancy, but it was time for him to make his trip to The Bridge this year 2006. He will always be remembered & loved. May you be comforted in knowing that God has a place for our beloved pets & that someday we'll see them again.

Connie misses her dear Xena, more than words can say. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on 8/22/06. She was so very loved by the family, & will remain in their thoughts & hearts forever. She went to join Max, who made the trip a few yrs ago. I picture them now, running & playing together, happy, & free from all pain!

Sugarbaby took the journey to The Bridge on 4/22/06. Adrienne says she misses him so. He would ring a bell to go outside & could actually voice several words! Her love for him is as strong today as it always was, & continues to keep him forever in her thoughts. Just recall ALL the happy memories & know that he'll be waiting with a waggin tail when he sees you someday!

Skittles, neighbor cat to Angie...was hit by a car & passed away on 11/8/06/. He was fur baby to Teresa & her family, but Angie says he was a frequent visitor to her house, & her family had also "adopted" him. Our condolences to the family & friends. He'll be peacefully meowing at The Bridge now.

Condolences to Billie, her beloved Crystal went to the Rainbow Bridge on 8/8/06. But Billie says she knows her sweet girl is in the arms of Jesus, & is running & playing like a pup again. Has met her older sister Panda who was there & waiting. Can't you see them now Billie? Happy, rolling in the tall grass by a clear stream. No pain, only good times...waiting for that day when they'll be reunited with Mama!

Felix took the journey to The Bridge on 12/25/06. A handsome fur baby loved by Jules. He is missed more than words can say! She says she lost her best friend, little love, baby, & soul mate...all in one. Jules, have faith, know that someday you'll be with him & again, hearing his soft purr get louder as he sees you approach.

Snickers was a beautiful young pure bred lab rescued by Amy in Alaska. She only lived for a little over a year but what memories she created. Such an adorable little girl,
she was known as "baby girls". Snickers will be missed and loved by everyone forever. May we wish her the best journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Your Mommy loves you! 6/26/07 R.I.P.

Gina & family are saddened by the loss of Puppy Rambo on 7/23/07. He was only 2 days old & weighed 5 oz. God needed a baby fur for a lonely mother furr at the Rainbow Bridge, & picked this wee one. So, he's there now, being well looked after & making a mama furr very happy.



jeanno43 said...

Thank you so much Sugar dear friend. How lovely to see Flicky on there, she was such a sweetie and I think Pip must have reminded me as I was checking out something on his journal and the word Flicky sounded in my ear.   I am happy she has taken her place with all the much loved furry babies.

gotomaria said...

Wow, Sugar!  YOu have done a great job here.  Wonderful entry.  

suebob1122 said...

You did a great job, it's beautiful.
Hugs, Sue & Bob

lemonpielady3 said...


goodfairy63 said...

Have read the entire thing twice, & used several kleenexs. I love it dear, God bless.

alphamoon65 said...

Sugar your truly an angel.  I thought this was beautiful, and I feel so glad to have done it.  I still have the hardest time dealing with Poco being gone...so this really helped me. Much love,

midwestvintage said...

 This is just beautiful Sugar, What a wonderful job you have done.  I am sitting here with tears running down my face after reading about Pip.


nhd106 said...

Oh man...is it too late for me to send  you my cat, Lionel???  If it is, I understand...if not, please let me know.
Maybe I'll send it just in case because I'll be out all day.


puddybear4ever said...

Great! TY!

imgr8phil said...

I just wanted to say that this journal is so touching.  I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes.  Being a pet lover, having animals all of my life, I can't imagine not having a pet in my life.  I have lost my share of pets and it is never easy.  They give us such joy and companionship and all without condition.  This is a great place to rejoice and take pride in the pet loved ones that have moved on.  They will be missed but never forgotten.


lisa41076 said...

Sugar, what a beautiful journal you have to honor the memory of pets we have loved, God Bless You Lisa

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My beloved beagle and I said our final good byes today. Saying good bye to an old friend is never easy. He'll be remembered for all the happiness he not only brought to me but all my family. So I'll put my little memo here with many others who have counted them selves blessed by the gift of a wonderful pet that they'll never forget.

Connie said...

Sending condolences to you ,Sugar.I know it's hard.Praying that with each passing day it gets a little easier for you.